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Why Do I Need a Life Coach?

getting to know me Jul 09, 2022

The other day I asked SIRI, “How do I pair my ECHO with my phone?” SIRI had no clue, and when she answered me I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I said, “SIRI, pairing mode."  I told her the mode she needed, then I did the pairing. Voila! Problem solved.  That is why you need a life coach because your brain doesn't know how to manage itself. You need to decide the best mode for your brain.

The human brain suffers from word vomit. Constant chatter. Non-stop monologue. And, often, it will take either side of an issue to STOP the monologue. The constant chatter does not solve problems or create content or make dinner. The constant chatter wants to maintain the status quo. Our brains want one thing, lack of change. Anytime we step out of our comfort zone, the first thing the brain offers is, “Hey now, let’s think about this…do you really want to: Date that new person? Try that new restaurant? Start that new business? Take that new class? Here, let me offer you all the reasons why it’s so much better not to.”  The last thing your brain wants you to do is to hire a life coach. WHY? 

     The job of a life coach is to hold neutral space and reveal your own thoughts to you. That’s it. We won’t give you advice or agree with your brain that yes, dating that new person is scary. We will show you all the thoughts that you are unable or unwilling to examine because they are too close. It’s like trying to teach your own child to drive…too close.  A life coach holds up a mirror so you can “see” the thoughts that are holding you back, creating fear, or disguising themselves as protecting you when they are really creating inaction. How about that thought of, “As soon as this post is perfect, I’ll send it.” Have you sent it yet? Because it’s not perfect? And you think your brain is trying to protect you? What will people think if it’s not perfect? Well, right now people are thinking nothing because they can’t read it because it’s sitting on their desktop. Your brain is afraid.  Coaching helps you flush out sneaky thoughts and hold them up for scrutiny. Then, you decide what mode your brain needs: keep these thoughts, change these thoughts, toss them completely and start over. What mode does your brain need today? Let's chat and find out.

“Siri, watch my brain.” 


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