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3 Tools To Combat Stress

Feeling overwhelmed? Anxious? Burnt out? Ever say to yourself, “If I just had ________ (a different job, an extra hour, an extra set of hands, more money), I would NOT feel this way?”  Maybe you are thinking:  “I can’t even help myself.”

First: Nothing has gone wrong, and you are not broken. You may be overwhelmed and/or anxious. You may be heading toward burnout. But you are not broken.

Second: The fix is easier than you think.

In this one-hour workshop, participants will:

  • Define overwhelm and identify one “real-life” situation that creates stress or overwhelm
  • Recognize the relationships among stress, overwhelm and burnout
  • Apply knowledge of neuroanatomy and neuroscience to the understanding of burnout
  • Create three tools that will assist with stress management
  • Have a great time
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Independent Self-Paced Workshops on Stress and Stress Management


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