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What is a Life Coach?

getting to know me Jul 09, 2022

A life coach is a mentor, best friend, a wealth of advice and knowledge – NOT.

When you hear “Life Coach” what do you think? What comes to mind? What came to mind for me was, “Who in their right mind would want to unscramble my life?” But that’s the key, the coach doesn’t unscramble anything, you do.

Life coaching, within the framework that I learned during my certification, reveals your mind to you. My job as a coach is to hold space for you so you can “see” how your own mind works. Life coaching is not therapy or advice. Life coaching is not a bitch session with your best friend or truth serum. Life coaching allows you to examine your own thoughts and feelings and see how these thoughts are both optional AND driving your results. Life coaching provides you with a platform to explore your own mind, in a safe space. As a life coach, I have been trained to hold space and not judge, reveal your mind to you but not give advice and provide you with tools. These tools allow you to continue doing your own work. Coaching, when done well, is unbiased. To me, life coaching has taught me to manage my mind and take charge of my results. I no longer blame things outside of myself for my feelings. Well, sometimes I do, then I get a coaching session myself!  And that’s the rub, everyone needs a life coach, even your coach. Because our minds are never quiet or agreeable or calm or organized. Our minds are messy and contrary, disquiet and obtuse, undisciplined and unclear. I won’t claim that life coaching is a cure for the disorganized mind, but, life coaching will help you put things in perspective in a way that advice or therapy never did for me. 

I’d love to show you what a life coach is in a free 45-minute session. Sign up and see for yourself.

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