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Thoughts Running Wild Like a Toddler at Bedtime?

lessons from coaching Sep 22, 2022

Recently I uncovered a recurring thought - something I’ve been believing without question - I thought it was my “inner voice” - my “intuition.”

I noticed that every time I am presented with a new thought or idea, a new way of looking at life, or a new way of doing something, my brain offers:

“This is so stupid.”

Until now, I believed this thought. It’s part of me, like my green eyes and freckles. It’s true.

The thought doesn’t come through exactly in my dad’s voice…but it’s something he might have said.

Until now, I allowed this thought to dictate whether or not I pursue a path. If the thought comes up: It’s a NO.

Until now.

I invite you to notice recurring thoughts in your life. They will be simple, occur occasionally, AND you believe them....without question:

“I’m not good at math.”

“I’m an anxious person.”

“I’m not creative.”

“This idea is so stupid.”

Until now, you thought it was your inner voice or intuition or just plain true. You’ve never questioned this thought or asked yourself, “How is this UNTRUE?”

Until now.

What are you holding onto that is neither true nor helpful?


Here are 3 strategies to employ to tame these untrue thoughts:

Step 1: Pause. Notice the thought. Interrupt the pattern.

Step 2: Ask the question, "Is it true?"

Step 3: Decide: Is it true? Is it valuable? OK - I'll keep it. Or, do what I did:

Is it true? HELL NO! Allow the thought to pass like words on a movie screen.

Having trouble letting the thoughts go? Not sure what to do with them? Afraid of who you might be WITHOUT them?

Coaching HELPS!

I'm a professor, physical therapist, yoga teacher, and life coach. I've had a lot of training and coaching. It's only RECENTLY that I was open when my coach challenged some of my most basic beliefs and offered me, "Those were true...until now."

Work with me 1:1 to uncover recurring, persistent, USELESS, and UNTRUE thoughts:


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