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Things I Learned from My Dog

yoga/yoga philosophy and lessons from my dog Jul 09, 2022

This is a picture of my dog, Trooper. Trooper is a Basenji. The first thing you need to know about Trooper is that the Basenji is a barkless breed…but my boy barks like he’s about 100 pounds bigger than he is. That is your first clue that something is amiss about this dog. He’s not only a barking anomaly, but he’s also a genius. Seriously. 

Last week I was pretty sure he was a goner. He was very ill.  I think he had a stroke. He spent a few days down and out on his dog bed. But that guy, he always surprises us. As I sat with him and talked to him about all the things, I started reflecting on everything he’s brought into our lives. Here are a few things I’ve learned from my dog over the past 13 years:


1. There is never a bad time (or place) for a nap.

When Trooper is tired, he lays down and he’s done. No fanfare, checking IG one more time before bed, not even a bedtime routine (although I do wish he’d brush his teeth occasionally). When was the last time you took a nap because you were tired? The End. I’m tired. I’m laying down. I’m in.


2. Make sure your alter ego is a badass

Remember Snoopy’s alter ego? The WWI Flying ace who flew planes, wore a leather flying cap and flight goggles, and relentlessly pursued the evil Red Baron? Snoopy embodied his alter ego with careless abandon, humor, fun, and more than a little swagger. Trooper is mostly calm. He lays around a lot, and loves a good ear scratch, and of course a bone (more on that later). He is non-committal around other dogs. He is a gentle soul with children, and you can hand feed him a bone and he won’t ever slobber on you. He’s a quiet guy. Unless….Amazon or Fed Ex or some other large truck shows up. Then the bark-less barking Basenji takes off at full speed to protect his family. BAM…0 – 60 in 5 seconds. His alter ego is a giant Doberman with snarling teeth and a very large stick. 

Make sure you have an alter ego who fights crime and evil in the form of reminding you can do anything you decide...pursue the Red Baron or an Amazon truck in your driveway. Pursue that goal or dream that's been on the back burner. And especially, make sure your alter ego reminds you that not all the thoughts your mind offers you are true. Some of those thoughts are downright BS and you can choose to ignore them. Crime fighting at its best …pursuing your dreams, barking like you are a Doberman, and destroying thoughts that don’t serve. 


3. Appreciate the people you love, every single day

I have two dogs, although you wouldn’t know it sometimes. Trooper, my Basenji, makes the front page of IG and this blog. But I also have Carlos, the happiest Chihuahua you’ve ever met. This guy runs to greet you with tail wagging EVERY SINGLE TIME. Even if you just went to the bathroom. He just loves to love on us. He’s forever jumping and wagging and wagging some more. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been gone for 2 minutes or 2 weeks. What if we found a way to appreciate and love the people in our lives every day, even if they just left to pee? 


4. If you keep asking the universe (or someone in the household) you will eventually receive what you want

My dog is relentless when he wants a bone. His request is NOT subtle. He’s asking the universe, all the humans in the house, and his inner MacGyver to open the cabinet and give him that bone. He is 100% unapologetic about what he wants. And he pretty much gets a bone whenever he wants. Spoiled you say? I say, manifestation ninja. Ask the universe for what you want. BELIEVE you DESERVE it. Never give up, apologize, or compromise. That’s it. When you keep asking the universe from a place of abundance and belief, she will reward you. 


5. Never Give up

Once you’ve asked the universe, you don’t relent or back off. Ever. My dog was definitely a goner last week. But you know what? He deiced he wasn’t ready. He got up every day. Tried to walk around. Ate a little. Slept a lot. But he never once gave in or gave up. 


I hope he goes on his own terms without suffering when he’s good and ready. 


And I will thank him every day until he does. I will show up and love him every day. I will end up giving him seven bones a day because he NEVER stops asking. I will watch on in awe as I reflect upon his ability to:

* Manifest us, his loving family

* Manifest health

* Manifest a bone…multiple times a day

* And the NAP like he means it.


I invite you to try a lesson or two from Trooper. And if you want to know more about manifesting and using your alter ego to pulverize thoughts that don’t serve you, give me a shout. I can help.


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