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Growth, Dendrites and New Thoughts

neuroscience Aug 16, 2023

What could be more important than growth? My previous articles on Grief, Grace  and Gratitude have led us to GROWTH.


But what is growth? What does that mean?


The neuroscientist in me took over when I asked myself that question.


If I want growth, I fertilize the thoughts that SERVE me and prune the ones that don’t.

Fertilizing? Pruning? I sound like a gardener. Brain growth is like garden growth.


Dr. Carolyn Leaf  likens the brain to a tree. I love this analogy. Think of the brain as a tree trunk with branches made of thoughts. The more I think a thought, the more that branch grows and expands. I get buds, then leaves, maybe flowers and eventually more branches. It’s a wonder of nature. Repeat a thought over and over in the brain, THAT branch becomes huge, full. THAT thought becomes THE TRUTH.


That is great when the thoughts sound like:


“I’ve got this.” 

“I absolutely know what I am doing.”

 “I have plenty of money for everything this month.”


BUT, what about when thoughts sound like:


“I am so overwhelmed.”

 “I never get that thing right.”

 “My boss is so unsupportive.”


The brain does not distinguish between a helpful thought and a rancid thought. The brain grows in response to EVERYTHING we think. 




Dendrites That's How!

What’s a dendrite you ask? It’s the part of the neuron that grows and changes in response to our thoughts. It’s attached to the cell body. Its job is to reach out and communicate with other cells via their dendrites.



So, when I decide to change my behavior, think better of myself, get up in the morning to exercise…




Seems so simple. But if it were easy everyone would be at the gym at 5 am 😊


Brain growth, like any growth, takes time, patience, consistency, and good nutrition.


Coaching is a way to fast-track brain growth - I'd love to get on a 1:1 call with you and discuss.

Want to make a change? Process grief? Learn to give yourself Grace? Be more grateful? Encourage Growth?


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Q: "What did one neuron say to the other neuron?"

A: "EXCITED to see you." 😊

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