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What Lights You Up?

getting to know me tangible techniques Jul 09, 2022

A few weeks ago my coach gave us a journal question to answer: “What lights you up?

Honestly…I was having trouble answering that question.

Has that happened to you? Forgot to plan fun? Forgot to have fun? Forgot it was OK to have fun????


What have you been doing about it? 


I took a few days off social, went to yoga (instead of practicing at home, alone, b/c it’s easier), walked the dogs WITHOUT a podcast blaring in my ears, went to bed early, remembered to drink ALL THAT WATER (then had to pee… a lot)….I decided to take care of myself.


When was the last time you DECIDED to take care of yourself AND feel GOOD about it? I don’t mean just throwing in the towel and going to bed, I mean really asking, “What do I want right now?”


Then listen to your heart and answer truthfully. 


One of my favorite self-care items is, “Say no when yes is a lie.” Whaaatt?? Yeah, that’s right. How often have you said yes in the last week, month, or 6 months when you really meant, “Hell no I have NO desire to do THAT!” 


Or how about this, “I just don’t have the time/money for THAT.” How is that just not true? I don’t know about you, but I waste time on social and I waste money on Starbucks. So….what if you didn’t?


I think we all “Know” what to do…how to take care of ourselves, what we like and don’t like, need, and hell to the no don’t need…BUT, we let our minds override our hearts. Your mind offers, “Well, of course, you don’t WANT to go to that dinner with everyone from work, but, you really SHOULD because it will look bad if you don’t.” Look bad to whom? And, better yet, who cares???


I bet there is one thing you can do for yourself right now….go do it. 


And if you want help figuring out:

!. What lights me up?

2. How can I find the time/money?

3. How to say NO when Yes is a lie


I’ve got you…schedule a call. I’ve had to learn all these things, and coaching helped. A lot. 

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