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Vishnu is the Serotonin of the Yoga World

neuroscience Oct 27, 2022
a tree with red leaves in the fall

Vishnu is the serotonin of the yoga world

What?? I know you are thinking, “Now she’s REALLY gone off the deep end.”

Stick with me here…trust me, this is going to work out.

Three of the more well-known deities in  Yogic philosophy are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

Brahma is the creator. As Winter gives way to spring, Brahma nurtures the buds and seedlings. Brahma coaxes us out of our shells and into the world as we begin a new endeavor.

But as anyone who has started a new endeavor (or tried to grow tomatoes) knows, consistency wins the race. Vishnu sustains us. Vishnu eggs us on and supports us when we want to quit. Vishnu waters the garden every day, not just the first week.

Finally, as falls gives way to winter, we meet Shiva, the destroyer. Shiva stands beside us when we decide to end something that no longer serves. Shiva rides the edge with us right before we say no; enough - time to let go. Shiva provides the final push as we navigate the end.


Vishnu is about Sustenance. He keeps us going when we want to quit.  Vishnu stands beside you as you pick yourself up and continue, even in the face of adversity. To continue a new and difficult journey, your brain requires serotonin. Dopamine is onboard when we begin. When we start something, it’s new and fun and exciting. But dopamine is the highest right BEFORE we start anything. It begins to plummet immediately. Often this need for dopamine fuels the constant changing of gears rather than a sustained effort in one direction. The desire, or need, for dopamine, is a desire for excitement.

But, to finish, to follow through, to keep going through failures…bring on the Serotonin.

The problem? Most of us are experts at raising our dopamine: buy a new pair of shoes, eat a piece of chocolate, pick a fight with someone for no apparent reason, or scroll for likes. Boom, instant dopamine hit.

How do I get my brain and body to secrete serotonin? How do I create an environment in my brain and body that will support the SUSTAINED effort? What does that look like?


I’ll offer (3) of my favorite Serotonin supporting tips:

1.      Get enough sleep. 80% of all serotonin is synthesized in the gut. The gut does its best work when it is healthy and rested.  Your gut is hard at work synthesizing serotonin while you sleep. Sleep rests your brain and gut and creates an environment for optimal performance.

2.      Engage in physical activity that you love every single day. Like to walk? Ride your peloton? Life weights? Do it. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Schedule it like you would schedule your workday or your dentist, AND stick to it. When you regularly engage in an activity you love, your body and mind relax into enjoyment. You produce serotonin after a great ride or a peaceful walk. Not to mention the benefits of physical activity!

3.      Look yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself, "I'm awesome." The body secretes serotonin in response to regular practices that create peace and calm in our minds. It’s not about large swings up and down. The more you love on yourself, the more your brain will know it’s safe, and the less it will crave dopamine.


Invoke Vishnu, cultivate serotonin, love you, what you do and who you are 😊


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