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getting to know me tangible techniques Jul 09, 2022

I just watched a YouTube video of the Rolling Stones on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964. They were singing about time.


“Time is on my side, yes it is….”   If 1964 Keith Richards walked by me, I would have no idea who he was. But Mick, he’s recognizable at any age. Mick is convincing, with his baby face and mop-top. Mick, he’s timeless…that’s what I’d call Mick, timeless.


How do we get time on our side? Well, if you believe in coaching and thought work, time is on your side if you think it is. The problem, as I see it, is so many of us have a default thought in our brains, “There is never enough time.” 


The habit of the scarcity of time is a choice. You can choose to think of it however you like. Time is a commodity that we can’t make more of. But we always have exactly as much as we always have. WHAT? 


Many coaches will offer the advice to calendar. Be strict. Create a schedule. Stick to it. Honor your commitments to yourself and obey your calendar. That’s how you “make” more time. It’s good advice if you agree…but what if your brain keeps offering, “I just never have enough.” Before you calendar you need a new belief, that time is on your side and willing to work for you. 


I’m with Mick….I choose to think time is on my side. It’s not too late to change my career, pursue my business, be the badass I know I am, AND enjoy the process. It’s NEVER too late to do ANYTHING. 


Vera Wang opened her first bridal boutique at age 40, Julia Child’s first cookbook was published when she was 49, Duncan Hines introduced his first cakes at 73, and Samuel Jackson appeared in his breakout role in Pulp Fiction at age 46. I am a Life Coach at age 54. That’s right. Age 54. Let’s go. 


So, today I believe time is on my side and I can do anything I want. I have plenty of time to do the things I love and the things I need to do (Ya know, laundry, groceries, etc). I do make a schedule. But sometimes I ignore it, and that’s OK too. I don’t beat myself up about it or wish I could do better. I just decide that today went as well as it could and if I want to make a change for tomorrow, I will. 


Most of all, I give myself grace. Grace to have fun, to fail, to change my mind, and to see time as my friend, not my enemy. 


How is time on your side today? If you can’t think of anything, let’s do a call together. We will uncover how time is on your side and how you can DECIDE what you want, right now, no matter how old you are or what day of the week, month, or year it is. I help physical therapists decide their next move. AND like their reasons. I can help you get time on your side. 



How to Stop Time – Kiss

How to Travel in Time – Read

How to Escape Time – Music

How to Feel Time – Write

How to Release Time – Breathe

                        - Matt Haig

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