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yoga/yoga philosophy and lessons from my dog Jul 09, 2022

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to look on the “not bright” side of life? Focus on the wrinkles and the gray hair and the cellulite. It’s such a popular practice it has its own mnemonic, ANTS – automatic negative thoughts.


Why do we do that? Especially when we look within. Why do we look at “failures” and obstacles and times when we “missed the mark” and OBSESS... but brush off successes and times we overcame? 


Why not look for the good? 


In yoga, we call it SHRI. Shri is the beauty that lives inside all of us, our innate goodness. I wrote about “sara” a few weeks ago – the sap that is our divine nature. Shri is the part of that divinity that makes us shine. Makes us whole. Helps us see abundance and wisdom and beauty no matter what. 


The great thing about Shri? The more you look for it the more you see it (it’s the same with the negative as well…but let’s stay focused here!) What if you looked for Shri within yourself every day, FIRST, before you wax on about wrinkles or gray hair, or cellulite? I’m over 50 so gray hair and cellulite IS mandatory…but, I’m also a great listener, a loyal friend and I write amazing copy (Obviously as you’re reading it). 


Radical self-acceptance asks us to look at all sides of ourselves and love them equally. I’m down with that, but some days, I just need to feel like I’m winning. So, how about on those days, I look for Shri? I look for all the good in me and all the good I’m doing in the world. It’s more than a gratitude list…it’s an attitude list. What attitudes do I encompass that allow me to shine out in the world?  And listen, I’m not saying it’s all good all the time. BUT, it’s not all bad either. 


Challenge of the week: I invite you to notice ANTS – the negative things you think about yourself. THEN…I invite you to identify THE SAME NUMBER of positive things. You don’t have to share or tell anyone. But for 1 minute I want you to THINK and really BELIEVE…”Yup, I’m killing it today…I was a great mom today, a good sister, excellent friend. I look awesome in these jeans. Wow, my hair is ON POINT today.”


I dare you to look for Shri AS OFTEN as you obsess over the ANTS. Then let me know how you feel after a week. Or better yet, book a call and tell me. 

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