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Serenity Is...

getting to know me Jul 09, 2022

"Serenity is… 

…..a way of life absorbed slowly and practiced one day at a time…perspective…becoming aware of and accepting my many characteristics and not judging what’s “bad” or “good” but what’s useful to keep and what to release…a spiritual journey without a destination…the space between the impulse and the action…accepting what is…honoring my feelings without aiming them at someone else or letting them run my life…a gift I choose to give to myself….knowing that what works for someone else may not necessarily work for me…knowing that what works for me may change from moment to moment…understanding I may be powerless, but I’m not helpless…

…realizing my Higher Power does for me what I cannot do for myself…minding my own business…the comfort of knowing I can hold my own hand…balance and relief from black-and-white thinking…understanding that reacting to life and responding to life are not the same thing…deliberate realignment with my Higher Power…feeling at peace with my past…a matter of internal stability…becoming a complete being with my body and mind in one place at the same time…becoming one with my Higher Power."


Quoted from: Hope for Today-December 25-Page 360


Hope for Today is a daily reader published by the Al-Anon Family Groups and written especially for adult children who grew up with alcoholism. This is the entry from December 25 (page 360). I did not write this, I copied it verbatim from the book. I’ve read it every Christmas since starting my Al-Anon Journey in 2006. I hope it gives you some peace. Be well and thanks for reading. XXOO - Kathleen


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