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Pandora's Box

yoga/yoga philosophy and lessons from my dog Aug 04, 2022

Lately, I’ve been avoiding a feeling of deep frustration. I am in the middle of a re-brand, and the technology is NOT going my way. I keep telling myself, “The experts will figure it out.”  “It’s not a problem unless I make it a problem.” “It’s only technology.”

Guess what….FRUSTRATION is lurking behind every thought.

Pushing down the feeling, using “thought work” to make myself  “feel better” – seriously, not a sustainable plan.  

Because eventually, FEELINGS ERUPT.


So why is avoiding so appealing? Why is shopping, watching Netflix, or going for yet another walk more appealing than just allowing the feeling?


I’m afraid of what I’m going to find at the bottom of Pandora’s box of FEELINGS. What if I’m not capable? What if I’m so frustrated and angry that I can't do ANYTHING? What if I really don’t know what I’m doing? What if it’s ALL TRUE??


Here's the thing…what we find at the bottom of Pandora’s box:


That’s right.



Hope that I can handle whatever comes my way and figure it out. Hope that there is no feeling too strong or too hard for me to process. Hope that these feelings I’m avoiding aren’t facts, so who cares?


So, today I allowed frustration. I cried. I processed. I have a great YouTube video on how to process feelings. 

Better yet, book a call, and I will walk you through it. As a Life Coach, I am a NINJA at processing feelings.


Because, in the end, feelings aren’t facts. Feelings are signals from the body that tell the brain “something” is up. But “something” needs to be processed before we can examine the situation and understand how to proceed.


And I promise, at the bottom of Pandora’s box of feelings is hope. Because no feeling will get the better of you unless you let it.

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