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I Forgot to Blog Last Week

lessons from coaching Jul 09, 2022

Ever have the best intentions? Start out strong. Set goals, plan, put it on the calendar…then, forget?

I got so focused and wrapped up in all the “obligations” – family, work, business - I forgot to do one of my favorite things, write this blog. 

Why do our “obligations” take precedent over fun? Who even decides what an obligation is anyway? Do I “have” to …. Pay the bills, grocery shop, go to the dentist? Why do these “obligations” get done before (or instead of) fun?

There is fear: If I don’t pay the bills then someone will turn off the electricity. I also don’t want to experience the consequences of NOT paying the electric bill…think about that for a minute. But what if I looked at it like this: I decide to pay the electric bill and I’m grateful I have the money to do so. Hmm??  Then “obligations” become privileges, and I have more space for fun.

One thing I found happens to me…when I don’t have enough fun, I get resentful. I resent the electric bill and the electric company and Stop and Shop and the dust balls and dog hair everywhere…I resent it all. Because I’m thinking, I have to…grocery shop, dust, vacuum,  pay the bills. I don’t “HAVE” to;  I GET TO because:


A) I don’t want to suffer the consequences of NOT doing it  (ugh, dog hair in your yogurt? No WiFi?)  AND

B) I’m lucky enough to have the resources I need to get it done (money for bills, a working vacuum cleaner).


How about a re-frame in the name of more fun and less drudgery? I get to do whatever I want and right now, I get to write my blog. Not because I “have” to for my business, or because it’s on the calendar so I “Must” obey the calendar. I get to because I love to write and I love to share lessons I’ve learned in hopes that these nuggets resonate with my readers. 


Bringing value to my work life looks like a blog written from a place of service in mind, not obligation.  Bringing value to home life looks like paying the electric bill because I enjoy the fruits of electricity in my home.


What does bringing value look like for you? Sign up for a free session with me to discuss deciding how to think about: Work, bills, parenting…whatever is on your mind and labeled “have to.”


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