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Extend Reverence to Your Addictions

lessons from coaching Nov 10, 2022

"Extend reverence to the addiction.” – Danielle LaPorte

 I recently read this quote in a book. I’ve never thought about extending reverence to my addictions, have you? What’s your addiction? My favorite addiction is to worry about money. I love to think about it, make a list of all my bills, create a doomsday forecast of how I’ll never be able to pay them, bemoan all the things I can’t afford. And now you’re thinking wait, what? She’s a life coach doesn’t she have some tools for these thoughts? Absolutely!

I’ve done reframing exercises. I’ve done “go back and look at your history with money” exercises. I’ve done budget workshops and budget spreadsheets. I’ve done meditations. You name it, I’ve tried it when it comes to re-framing my thoughts around money. But since my divorce, worrying about money has become a sport, as if I have no control over my brain.

This idea to “extend reverence” to my thoughts surrounding money … made me pause.

Worry originates with the ego. The ego wants to keep us “safe.” If we don’t have “enough” money, then we won’t spend money and then we will be “safe.” Nothing has gone wrong here. The part of my brain that is fearful, afraid of success, afraid of new things and afraid of taking chances…that part is doing her job.

What if I told my ego brain, “Thanks but no thanks.” I’m tired of this constant worry and fear about money. Money is simply an exchange of energy. It comes in, it goes out.

How can I show reverence for this addiction of mine?

Here’s what I came up with. You can apply it to money, kids, work, the future…ANY thought addiction. 

Step 1: Get it all out on paper. Write down your worries. Put the topic at the top and write and write and write. Write so you can see and read what the brain offers. No judgement, only words on a paper.

Step 2: Pick one thought from your paper. Pick a consistent, familiar thought. Preferably one that comes up daily. Sometimes you even wake up, and that’s the first thing you think:

“I cannot believe I have this much debt.” - That was mine

Step 3: Extend reverence. Say what? 


Here is What I did

1. I started with more writing. Here is how it went:

“My ego has been offering unhelpful thoughts about debt. She does this because she thinks she’s helping me, keeping me safe, giving me control.”


2. THEN: I said thank you to the fearful, insecure pieces of me. I said thank you to the little girl inside me who was not allowed to buy the cool clothes or shoes because of  “the budget.”  I said thank you to the me that bought the “reasonably priced” wedding dress instead of the one I REALLY wanted. I said thank you to the post-divorce me that was terrified to live on one income.   

3. FINALLY: I put my hand on my belly, closed my eyes, and took a deep breath. I used this breath to blow ALL of it OUT. Because at the end of the day, I get to decide what thoughts are true, and what thoughts are my ego trying to keep you safe.


When the thought arises (and it will), PAUSE, extend reverence by thanking this thought for its good intentions…breath…blow it OUT.. move on.

The more we appreciate our brain for everything it offers us,  the more we can come to an understanding that I create my reality and my truth.

And truth is, worry is just praying for something you don’t want. So why bother?


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