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Are you winning?

tangible techniques Jul 25, 2022

I was coaching a client the other day about “winning adulthood.” She was assessing her “adult” game and decided she wasn’t “winning.”


 Are you winning adulthood? How do you know?


Before you decide you are NOT winning and label yourself as “losing” or inadequate or not enough, try this:

First, what are your goals? What do you value? What is IMPORTANT to YOU? This is trickier than you think. We all have pre-programmed ideas of what is important. Much of this comes from society and culture, and upbringing:

Go to college, get a good job, marry my soulmate, buy a house, have 2.5 children, and a well-trained, perfectly behaved Labrador. Personally, I find Labradors too big for my liking, and I never got the 2.5. I mean, don’t you either have 2 or 3 kids? Did I miss something in high school biology?

Have you really thought about where your goals and beliefs originated? Are these goals really YOURS?

Here are some journal prompts:

*What do I VALUE?

*What do I BELIEVE are the best indicators of MY SUCCESS?

*HOW do I want to go about achieving these goals?


Maybe you decided on the Labrador after all. Personally, I like a smaller pooch. Less poop. Whatever you decide, make it YOURS. Then...


AFTER YOU DECIDE, create your goals. Measure yourself against you. You will always win if you only need to please yourself.


Feeling inadequate, less than….like you are “losing the game of life,” …you can let go of these thoughts right now. Decide for yourself what winning looks like, and then decide, “Yes, I am winning my game. The one I designed for me.”


“The sweaty players in the game of life always have more fun than the supercilious spectators." 
-W. Feather

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