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Are you turning over all of your Fun?

tangible techniques Jul 18, 2022

I had the local middle school cheerleaders wash my car yesterday.

It was NOT the most efficient way to have my car washed. But it was hilarious. Whose sponge got stuck on my windshield because they were too short to reach it? How wet did they all get spraying each other? Then, all production STOPPED when they realized I was taking pictures. Hilarious.

It got me thinking, “How many things have I turned over in the name of efficiency?” And is it more effective? Or am I turning over half the fun in my life in the name of efficiency?

For instance, when was the last time you read an ACTUAL book?  Not on your nook or your phone or your iPad, a real book with paper? Audible would probably be more efficient. I can download the book, put it at 1.5 speed, and boom, the entire book, done in two hours. Did I enjoy it as much as I would have if I read it? Was I washing dishes and folding laundry while listening?

I decided a while back to stop buying books because they create clutter. BUT I love a real book. So, when I choose to download or listen to a book, for me, I miss half the fun: going to the library, browsing around, seeing what’s new, and saying hi to an actual human or two.  An audible would be efficient. But is it better for my mindset? What am I missing out on when I skip the steps?

I never buy winter hats. Ever. Why? I make all my hats.  I love the whole process. Stalking out a new pattern, picking out a yarn. I love the feel of the yarn and a wooden needle in my hand. I love the satisfaction of a finished product. Sometimes, I even decide to give it away, and then comes more fun. Who will I gift it to? How will I give it to them? I recently mailed a hat across the pond to England. Honestly, the whole process, from start to finish, made me so happy. Why would I turf that out?

I wonder what you’ve turned over in the name of efficiency? What fun in your life have you turned over to technology or someone you pay instead of doing it yourself? I get it, some things are best left to experts or people who love them more than you. But everything? All the things?

Want to know a surefire way to be REALLY stressed out? Work more and play less. And turning over things you used to enjoy so you have more time for Netflix or email or, Ugh, meetings….really? How is that helping your mindset?   When we turn over all of our fun things in the name of efficiency, guess what?  We are turning over our fun.

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