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Abundance, Shri and Being Intentional

yoga/yoga philosophy and lessons from my dog Jul 09, 2022

Abundance: (DEF) A very large quantity of something; plentifulness of the good things of life; Prosperity


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed posts this week about Lack vs. Abundance. I’ve set an intention to focus on abundance…and I’ve noticed that it’s harder than I thought! My mind keeps going to LACK: I never have enough time or enough money…I’m just plain not enough. 


Here’s what I have to offer:  If you find your mind drawn to everything that you “perceive” you are lacking (notice “perceive”) - Nothing has gone wrong. Lack, fear, and not enough IS the default programming we all contain.  Unwinding and re-writing default programming needs time, patience, and a lot of love.


And now you’re thinking, “But how, I don’t know how?”


Here’s what I’ve been doing…


The first thing is to accept, completely, that it’s normal to see lack before abundance. The Ego sees lack in everything. The Ego drives us to then “GET” the next best thing. Drives us to buy more, eat more, and watch more….because we think we are “lacking.”  The next thing is to know, really know, that your higher self, your true self, the self you want to reveal…That self operates from Joy and Abundance. Finally,  believe you have access to that part of you, anytime. The same as you have access to the part of you that sees “lack” in everything, you have access to that part of you that sees abundance. That part of you that sometimes is referred to as Shri.


Shri is the Inner essence of the self; the part of the self that is generative, the abundant nature we all possess, that keeps generating more of itself. As we step into more of ourselves; our inner abundance grows and overflows into the world around us. When we act from abundance, we can’t help but share ourselves, and our gifts. 


So, I’ve been doing a meditation on the goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi embodies Shri: All that is beautiful, joyful, and prosperous WITHIN us. Lakshmi encourages us to ride with the true beauty of who we are in this life.


I meditate on Laksmi and Shri…on Joy and Abundance….on what I MOST desire and want. Not in the sense of things/objects, but, how I want to FEEL, every day:


Gracious, giving, prosperous...ABUNDANT.


I set an intention in the morning to feel abundant and to look for abundance. When my mind defaults to lack, I gently nudge her to abundance. The principle of Shri is: The more we look for it, the more we find it. So, the more you focus on what you lack, the more you find it. The more you look for abundance, the more you find it.


What if you focused on what you HAVE? Not just people, places, and things (although that’s a place to start), but what do you have to offer in this world? The unique gifts you bring, every day. How are you serving the highest good for both yourself AND everyone who encounters you? Have you ever asked yourself: What is my superpower in the world? I invite you to ask the question. You’ll be surprised at all the inner goodness that you take for granted.


I invite you to set an intention today, right now, to look for Shri, abundance, and prosperity in your life. Then write it all down for when lack creeps in and tries to steal your joy. You’ve got this. 


If you are having a hard time finding your most abundant self, that self you know is in there, buried under overwhelm and lack, let’s try a consult. I am sure I can help you find Shri and abundance. 


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