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lessons from coaching Jul 09, 2022

My word for 2022 is abundance. I chose this word because earlier last year, I was struggling with seeing the abundance around me. See, I had made the mistake of assuming “abundance”  was equal to “GOOD.” 


Yes, I experienced an abundance of happiness when my 14-year-old dog rallied after probably having a stroke (and is still doing well!). But I also experienced an abundance of sadness when we put our beloved Chihuahua down a few months ago.


There was certainly an abundance of excitement as I did my first few consults, followed by an abundance of frustration as I navigated new software, scheduling, and an overwhelming feeling of “not enough.”


I am so proud of my youngest, choosing a university in another state, and braving a long drive and a new environment…that was of course followed by an abundance of fear after I dropped her off. 


What I had to learn this year is, abundance, like all things, is 50/50.


Sometimes we have an abundance of all the “good” things. 


Sometimes, your dog dies, the oil bill doubles, and 8” of snowfall in one day while you are out of town!


The trick is to approach abundance, of all kinds, with curiosity and love.


It’s all happening FOR me, not TO me. 


I choose to see abundance in everything. One of my coaches called it, “the abundance of life” – and as we know, life is messy. Not always good. Not always bad. But undoubtedly always messy.


How will you choose to see the abundance of life, all around you?


“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”  - Wayne Dyer

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