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10,000 Thoughts Per Day?

neuroscience Sep 05, 2022

Did you know that feelings aren’t facts but products of thoughts?

And, depending on who you read & what you believe, the human brain has anywhere from 10- 60 thousand thoughts per day.

The scientist in me always wonders:

1. How are they counting thoughts?

2. Is that method reliable?


So, I ask you, if your brain churns out a minimum of 10,000 thoughts per day, are they actually ALL TRUE???


Statistically speaking (based on the normal curve), 50% of our thoughts ARE BELOW AVERAGE. And 2.5 % are complete and utter bullshit, falling at the tail end of the normal curve. BUT, 2.5 % are golden, falling at the TOP end of the normal curve.


So, given 10,000 thoughts per day, that’s about 5,000 thousand that fall BELOW AVERAGE.


Here's my question for you today:


WHY do you INSIST on believing the BOTTOM 50% of your thoughts?


These thoughts are known as ANTS (Automatic negative thoughts). These are a habit of the mind. The mind loves to focus on the negative. It is how humans are programmed. It has kept us alert, alive, and safe for years. AND it's a great way to create your OWN stress. Out of thin air!

This habit of mind has outlived its usefulness.

What if you believed ONLY the top 2.5% today?? That's about 250 thoughts. Everything else is BS. Who would you be if you only believed the BEST of yourself? Who would you be if you only thought, "Yes, this will work out, I got this."


Let me teach you how to choose the top 2.5%. Choosing better thoughts is one of my favorite stress management techniques (along with sleep. Of course 😉).


Book a call to find out how to choose the top 2.5%. And when you do,  choose this thought, “I’m worth it.” Instead of this one, “She will think I’m nuts if I talk about——-.”


I’ll think you're awesome.

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