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Stress Management Coaching
Kathleen Kelley

Stress Management Coaching with
Kathleen Kelley

Stop feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by work AND learn to love your healthcare career again!

Stop feeling stressed out and overwhelmed by work AND learn to love your healthcare career again!

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Love your life and job again!


 As a Physical Therapist for over 30 years and a Physical Therapy educator for 25 years, I was deeply devoted to my profession, health care, and the idea that my calling was to help people. I had spent a lot of time (and money!) becoming both an expert clinician and educator. I was gripping hard to my identity as a Physical Therapist. But I was no longer happy, and I thought it was because of everything outside of myself – changes in the health care delivery system, insurance, and the pandemic. Coaching showed me that everything begins within.

I tried counseling, yoga, yoga teacher training, meditation, meditation teacher training, and divorce. No matter what I did, my mind came with me.  Nothing I did on the outside changed my internal thoughts of discontent.


Then I found coaching. 


Stress Management Coaching will help reveal the thoughts that are depriving you of your own inner shine, your inner radiance. Stress Management Coaching is all about our minds. Whether you need a new lease on staying in your healthcare field or you are considering leaving, you first need to manage your thoughts.

Let’s do this together!

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Resources for Every Stage of Your Journey

Online course:

Stress and Overwhelm: Causes, Coping and Cures

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Stress Management Coaching

I offer 1:1 Stress Management Coaching where we meet privately via Zoom. We delve into your personal stressors and create an individualized plan that works for you. 

My 3-month coaching package includes weekly calls, email support and videos containing relaxation techniques that can be used daily. 

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Gratitude Practices

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What My Clients Are Saying:

"As a physical therapist, I appreciated your overview of brain anatomy and function and how it ties in with such stress-relieving tools as meditation and breathing. Thank you for providing practical in-the-moment tools to help with work and life stressors that lead to a sense of being overwhelmed. Will be certain to use during the course of my workday!"

-Kathleen S, Gaylord Specialty Healthcare


"Kathleen graciously brought her course to our inpatient rehab department. Her lecture was eye-opening, refreshing, and reassured the clinicians that we are all in this together and have to take care of ourselves before taking care of others. She provides incredible insight on becoming more in tune with our thoughts and how to navigate stressors and emotions that arise to find more success personally and professionally."

- Kelly M, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

"Absolutely loved this workshop! Dr. Kelley gives clear, easy, actionable ways to reduce stress. Her knowledge is incredible and everything she teaches is backed in neuroscience. Highly recommend!"

- Rachel P. CPTA Conference 2022

Kathleen’s coaching is exactly what I needed. The information she presents and skills she teaches are so practical and tangible. I was able to apply new processes immediately. As a PT I really appreciated the neuroscience behind the practices. Her coaching has been a game changer in my practice, bringing me back from a place of burnout to loving being a PT again. 

-Meg C, PT


Coaching with Kathleen has been an amazing experience. I have felt stuck for many years in my nursing career. She has helped me loosen my beliefs about being stuck and has helped me see what is possible. She coaches with a wonderful sense of humor and has such a gift to get to the heart of the matter.   

-Ganelle T

On our very first call, Kathleen helped me figure out something that was keeping me completely stuck in a situation. I basically left the call with my problem solved. I was able to walk into a situation I had been dreading with total confidence. It was a bit magical. And I sense that Kathleen has a firm grasp of the science underneath her coaching techniques. She has explained several things to me about how my mind and body work, and I have been able to use this knowledge to coach myself in between sessions. This is something that felt important to me as I was looking for a coach. I highly recommend Kathleen.

- Amanda D.

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